Choosing a Business Accountant?

Choosing an Accountant for your Business is a very important decision and should not be made lightly. Accountants have access to your private records, are often intimately involved in your Business Strategy, Planning, Financial Reporting, and strategic/operational decision making.

The relationship you build with your Accountant needs to be one of mutual trust and respect.

How to find such an Accountant?

It is important your Accountant is properly accredited to undertake the task of supporting your Business. For example; are they a CPA, do they have membership of CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants and/or the Taxation Institute of Australia. CPA Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants are the premier accounting bodies within Australia, self-regulated and having agreed common Public Accountant educational, professional and operational standards, they each employ common processes of ensuring members Professional Standards are maintained through a combination of continuous professional education, monitoring and auditing members to ensure standards are maintained.

Once you are convinced the professionalism is up to scratch, you will be able to communicate with trust, a series of questions might then assist, such as:

  • Is the Accountant sufficiently specialised in SME (small & medium enterprise) for your purpose?
  • Does the Accountant offer a “Fixed Price” quoted in advance so that you know what your commitment will be?
  • Will you be charged for phone calls in respect of minor enquiries?
  • Does the Accountant plan and budget SME operations?
  • Does the Accountant report regularly? Monthly? Report Actual v’s Budget?
  • Offer Strategic advice as part of the reporting process?
  • Does the Accountant have a Client focus?
  • Are you comfortable with the level of service and support offered?
  • Does the Accountant have client references that encourage you?

We at Business Result Accountants Pty Ltd are a family business, of 30(+) years experience, located within Moreton Bay Region at North Lakes, specialised SME Accountant; our focus is to utilise technology to bring “big end of town” management support and accounting (at 60% of the cost of traditional methods) to the Small & Medium Enterprise Community.

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